This is why you need stickers for
your brand on social media!

Stickers are a fun and powerful way for your brand to promote products and interact with customers. This makes it so much easier to do marketing, because it doesn’t feel like marketing.

This is one of my most popular stickers!
It has over 457 million views

Brand example

This is a fictional brand I made in my silkscreen class when I studied in the land down under, Australia. I’m using this as an example to show how brands can use stickers to boost their social media and promote their products. 
Good Vibes is an urban apparel brand with modern and simple illustrated designs. The designs are printed on the clothes by using screen printing. The brand represents a playful concept.


To boost their social media we use playful stickers to make it appealing to the audience, and to make it stand out.


Using stickers in a style that fits the rest of the brands identity will make it fun and it has a positive impact when people watch their Instagram- and Snapchat-stories.